Village Viewpoint March 2021

By Mary Jo Viero  BAPA Executive Director  As we enter March 2021, many of us are looking back on the past 12 months in disbelief. It’s normal to think about a difficult time and be down, but I try to see the good that has come from it, and there’s a lot that’s good in Beverly/Morgan Park.   […]

Best of Beverly/Morgan Park: Car Care Services 

By Kristin Boza  For people who are still toiling away working from home, learning from home, and getting all essentials delivered to home, COVID-19 has definitely changed the way we use our vehicles. Since commutes are curtailed and road trips are on hold, it’s common to have our cars sit idle for days at a time. While it’s nice to save on gas, it’s actually really bad for […]

Celebrate Southside Irish Parade at Home! 

  BAPA Party Pack Supports Local Businesses  By Brittany Wiley   BAPA Business Liaison  The Southside Irish Parade has been a neighborhood tradition since 1979.  Apart from a brief hiatus, it’s been held every year to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day until 2020.  Our community will be without the Parade again this year, which is disappointing for the families who love to participate. But […]

New Neighbors: Won Kim and Kendall Hugel 

By Kristin Boza  Mature trees, delicious food, close-knit community — those were only some of the must-haves on the list when new neighbors Won Kim and Kendall Hugel were house hunting last year.   The couple moved to Beverly/Morgan Park in October from a condo just east of Wrigley Field in Lakeview. Both Kim and Hugel have ties to the community and were familiar with […]

BAPA’s Snowman Spectacular A Neighborhood Hit After Heavy Snowfall 

By Cathriona Fey  BAPA Outreach Liaison  January ended on a snowy note when a foot of snow blanketed the neighborhood providing the perfect foundation for some epic snow creations. Families and neighbors joined forces for outdoor fun and friendly competition to build spectacular snowmen for a chance win prizes from local businesses.   BAPA received over […]

Journey to the New Joplin Marley Studios 

By Brittany Wiley  BAPA Business Liaison  Meg’n Barba opened Tranquility Salon with her sister, Katie Barba Schickel, in January 2007. She was 21 years old, a young mother will little knowledge of business practices, but she knew she wanted to create an environment that made people feel good.  And for 14 years, Barba did just that and more.  She is honored that she has […]

Surprise Gift Donated to Chicago Police Memorial Foundation  

  On Christmas Day, 22nd District police officer Tiffiny Washington was walking down Esmond Street toward the station when a car turned off 111th Street and pulled up behind her. The woman in the car said, “Thank you for all you do. Thank you for being here on Christmas,” and handed Officer Washington an envelope.  Warmed by […]

Go Natural for Better Health  

By Kristin Boza  Wearing a mask, social distancing, and adhering to a strict handwashing regimen are three essential ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Now that the vaccines are rolling out, more and more people are hoping to spend more time out and about.   As we re-emerge into society, finding natural ways to boost our immune systems will […]

Business Spotlight:  Flippin Flavors: Delicious and Inspired 

By Brittany Wiley  BAPA Business Liaison  Linda Flippin opened Flippin Flavors, 1848 W. 95th St., in early 2020 with her husband Brian. The shop specializes in creating fresh salads and sandwiches centered around their homemade marinades and rubs.    Linda did not intend for Flippin Flavors to become a restaurant. It started as an idea to bottle her marinade.  She was always the one her friends went to for […]