Go Natural for Better Health  

By Kristin Boza 

Wearing a mask, social distancing, and adhering to a strict handwashing regimen are three essential ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Now that the vaccines are rolling out, more and more people are hoping to spend more time out and about.  

As we re-emerge into society, finding natural ways to boost our immune systems will help protect our bodies from illnesses of any kind. Candice Cuevas, owner of Bloom Natural Solutions, says to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy and should make time to give our bodies what they need.  

As a licensed clinical counselor, Cuevas embarked on a natural way of healing when she dealt with her own health issues and found that prescription medications weren’t working for her. She helps her clients realize that “you are what you eat” and teaches them about proper nutrition, lifestyle choices, and non-medicationbased solutions.  

“Lately, my clients have been dealing with physical, mental, and emotional struggles as we found a new way to live with COVID,” Cuevas said. “We’ve been supporting small businesses by getting more takeout, we’ve been baking more, drinking more, and not moving as much as we used to. All of these have compounded and created more physical, emotional, and mental health ailments and conditions.” 

Cuevas recommends that everyone take a high-quality, nutrient-dense multivitamin to ensure the nutrients are absorbed by the body; many lower-quality vitamins will just pass right through the body without much nutrient absorption.  

“Do your homework on vitamins. Southtown Health Foods is a great place to go for help. The important thing is to choose a high-quality vitamin without a lot of filler, as our bodies recognize the filler and will just flush out the vitamin,” she said.  

“Overall, we’re all just lacking in the vitamin department in general because of how COVID has forced us to live,” she said. “When you take a vitamin, you’re fueling yourself appropriately. When you function better, you reduce stress; when stress is reduced, immunity is boosted.” 

Probiotics are also essential, and Cuevas suggests taking them at night when there isn’t any food in the body to interfere with them. Probiotics enhance gut health, which aids the immune system.  

Proper nutrition and vitamin intake will lessen the feeling of “brain fog” and will help people sleep more soundly, which also improves the immune system, Cuevas said.  

“Many of my clientele has anxiety. Once we get to talking, I hear that their diets lack fruits, vegetables, and water,” she said. “Water is how you flush out the body and will help you stay regular. Water also hydrates the skin and is a better way to wake up in the afternoon versus grabbing more coffee.”  

Cuevas suggests people drink half of their body weight in water each day. 

Fresh juice and smoothies have a place in daily diets, and can provide a powerful punch of vitamins.  

“Juices made fresh at home are a great way to immediately inject vitamins into your blood stream and they’re a great way to perk up when feeling tired,” Cuevas said. “Smoothies are another way to get vitamins, and you can add protein powders to them. They will help you stay full for longer and can hold you over until your next meal.” 

Sugar is definitely not our friend. Cuevas cautions against store-bought juices that are mainly sugar. “They will give you a quick burst of energy, but that will quickly leave the system and you’ll be tired for the rest of the day,” she said. “Sugar weakens the immune system in general.” 

Overall, taking care of our bodies from the inside will help enhance the immune system and boost our moods. 

“Don’t concentrate on things you can’t control. Instead, focus on what you can control, like what you’re eating and how you take care of yourself. Living healthy is a cycle of goodness if you allow it to be!” 

To find out more, contact Candice Cuevas at BloomNaturalSolutions.com. 



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