Think Ahead to Prevent Snow Damage 


The recent heavy snowfall has left many frustrated by potential damage from large amounts of ice on their gutters and roof, as well as water seeping into their homes.  

According to George Uhlmann, longtime owner of Uhlmann Home Improvement Inc., many homeowners are reporting damage to gutters and downspouts caused by the twisting and bending from the accumulation of ice. 

Uhlmann said there are ways to prevent or reduce these problems, but steps must be taken before winter. 

Late in the fall, he said, is the best time to clean out gutters of all leaves, sticks and other debris that add weight when snow and ice fill up the gutters. 

Uhlmann offered the following advice preparing gutters for winter: 

Clean out gutters and downspouts; check for and repair any damage. 

Make sure gutters are pitched correctly to enable the flow of water. 

Check and secure gutter hangers; replace hangers that are short or broken. 

Seal all corners and end caps. 

Replace miters that can’t be repaired.  

Uhlmann said these steps are important in ensuring a home will make it through any bad winter, and he added that gutters should be inspected every three to fours years to make sure they are operating at top efficiency. 

For more information, call Uhlmann, 773-238-1829. 


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