Write What You Know: Author Pens Guide to Home Renovations 

  By Kristin Boza  Beverly/Morgan Park resident Joe Oswald began the task of renovating his childhood home and learned so much during the process that he decided to write a book to aid other homeowners in their own renovation journey, “The Homeowner’s Guide to Contracting, Building, and Remodeling: Save a Fortune by Learning What Contractors Don’t Want […]

Ultimate Home Improvement Checklist 

  By Kristin Boza  Home maintenance and repair is a year-round effort, especially for our historic homes here in Beverly/Morgan Park. Spring is the ideal time to check your home’s exterior and make a list of issues to fix. This checklist was compiled with the help of a few businesses on BAPA’s Trade Referral List. Check this list at www.BAPA.org to find trusted professionals ready […]

Think Ahead to Prevent Snow Damage 

  The recent heavy snowfall has left many frustrated by potential damage from large amounts of ice on their gutters and roof, as well as water seeping into their homes.   According to George Uhlmann, longtime owner of Uhlmann Home Improvement Inc., many homeowners are reporting damage to gutters and downspouts caused by the twisting and bending from the accumulation of ice.  Uhlmann said there are ways to […]

Preparing Your House for Sale 

By Mark Mielnicki  The decision to sell your house has been made and you have opened the proverbial door to a multitude of other decisions. How much should you list it for? Which improvements should be made, and will you obtain the desired return on investment? How do we get buyers to choose our house over others in our neighborhood?  The goal is to quickly procure a buyer at the highest price. Most […]

Open House Chicago Architecture Tour Returns to Beverly/Morgan Park  

On the weekend of Oct/ 19 and 20, more than 250 of Chicago’s most intriguing buildings will open their doors for the Chicago Architecture Center’s annual Open House Chicago tour. Following a fabulously popular debut on last year’s tour, Open House Chicago will return to Beverly/Morgan Park with even more iconic sites for behind-the-scenes visits.   One of the world’s largest architecture festivals, Open House Chicago is a free, two-day public […]

North Beverly House Confirmed as a Hetherington 

  It all started with a text from Michele Pettiford, a North Beverly resident and real estate agent to Grace Kuikman, longtime staff member at BAPA.   Michele: Happy Sunday. I have a new listing and the owners have the original blueprints. The plans say “Hetherington,” but I haven’t found it documented and the people in North Beverly are saying they never heard of […]

Local Agents See Strong Spring Housing Market, Buyers Coming from All Across the City 

By Liam Millerick   Living in Beverly/Morgan Park is a unique experience, especially when compared to other city neighborhoods. Much of our housing is low-density, historic single-family homes built in the early 1900s, which is a far cry from the towering apartment complexes one might see in other areas of Chicago. Part of what makes our neighborhood so special is the people who choose to live here. It’s […]

Home Renovation 101: When to Bring in an Architect 

By Kristin Boza  Among the missions of the recently revamped BAPA Housing and Preservation Committee is to offer design and construction advice while acting as a community resource. Mike Messerle, of Messerle Architects, is one committee member who has deep knowledge of the ins and outs of Beverly/Morgan Park architecture; in fact, he has designed countless projects over the last few decades for […]

Got a Project? Get a Permit

  By Liam Millerick  BAPA Housing Program Coordinator  With spring here and summer just around the corner, many homeowners may be looking at making some slight alterations to their homes. One big concern is deciding whether to obtain a permit.   A safe rule is to contact the city’s Building Department and check. However, here is a helpful guide building permits.   Obtaining a permit […]

Spring Showers: Are Rain Barrels for You? 

By Scott Ware  For some years now the City of Chicago has been marketing rain barrels as an almost painless step we can take to contribute to the ecology while saving on our water bills. Many homes are still connected to over-loaded city storm sewers. Installing rain barrels can cut you off from the municipal system.   The barrel boosters are a little more enthusiastic […]