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LCMH: Baby-Friendly Place Where Healthy Mothers Bloom

The Family Birth Center at Little Company of Mary Hospital, 2800 W. 95th St., Evergreen Park, was recently re-accredited as a Baby-Friendly organization. Baby-Friendly USA assists hospitals in giving mothers information, confidence and skills to initiate and continue breastfeeding, as well as information on formula feeding. LCMH is one of only 19 Baby-Friendly hospitals in Illinois.

Three International Board Certified Lactation Consultants are on staff at LCMH, as well as 12 Certified Lactation Counselors. The goal is to offer education to mothers throughout every stage of pregnancy and post-partum as well. Mothers can find information on childbirth preparation, and infant care support, in addition to a breastfeeding support group led by a lactation consultant.

The Women’s Center for Life and Health at LCMH is celebrating with a free motherhood event, “Bloom Into a Healthy Motherhood and Beyond,” on Wed., Apr. 18 from 5 to 9 p.m. The event is geared toward every woman, but specifically those who are seeking information on getting pregnant, being pregnant, and caring for themselves after giving birth.

Women of all ages are invited to attend and can choose to hear the speaker they are most interested in; topics include information from pre-motherhood, post-partum care, and beyond. Each presentation is about 20 minutes in length, and guests will have the opportunity to meet and chat with the providers after each presentation.

Additionally, light refreshments will be served, and women will have the opportunity to engage in massage and yoga demonstrations. However, women who are currently pregnant must bring a note from their healthcare provider clearing them for prenatal massages. Register for yoga or massage by Wed., Apr. 11 by calling 708-423-3070.

Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers (LCMH) is a Catholic, not-for-profit hospital based in Evergreen Park. For nearly 90 years, LCMH has held a long tradition of serving the needs of women and their families. At LCMH, you will find a compassionate environment focused on family-centered maternity care philosophies, with the latest medical technology to provide only the best for you and your baby.

The Women’s Center for Life and Health provides women’s healthcare needs conveniently under one roof – from routine wellness exams and screenings to advanced diagnostic facilities for even the most critical health conditions. LCMH continues to achieve accolades for quality, provides new medical advances and offers a convenient range of services to our community.


A Call to Action for All Summer Chickens

By Eileen McNichols MSN., RN., Director community Health and Pastoral Care Services

Those of us who are summer chickens – versus spring chickens — start to develop some health needs that are really not easy to talk about. For example, who wants to talk about bowel habits? When we are fall and winter chickens, it’s not that big of deal and really not unusual to share information about such topics.  But, just like teenagers, we summer chickens like to keep certain topics close to the vest.

March was Colon Cancer Awareness month and you may have seen public service announcements on the television or read more information about colon health in the paper, online and in magazines.  Colon cancer is the fourth most common type of cancer. Unfortunately, it is the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S.  The good news is that six out of ten deaths caused by colon cancer could be avoided with early detection and treatment.

Screening is the only way to detect this cancer in its earliest and most curable stage. The gold standard for colon cancer screening is colonoscopy. During a colonoscopy, your doctor uses a thin, flexible tube called a colonoscope to look at the inner lining of your large intestine (rectum and colon).  This allows your doctor to find precancerous polyps—abnormal growths in the colon or rectum—and remove them before they develop into cancer.  Colonoscopy also helps find colorectal cancer at an early stage, when it can be cured.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, colorectal cancer affects men and women of all racial and ethnic groups, and is most often found in people aged 50 years or older. If you are a “summer chicken” (50 years and counting), it’s time to start screening for colorectal cancer. If you are at greater than average risk for colon cancer, talk to your doctor about when screening is appropriate for you. Not sure? Visit and take a free colon cancer risk test. There is also a self-referral program for colonoscopy. For more information and to schedule a colonoscopy visit and select “Shedule a Test”.

The next time you think of that old joke “Why did the chicken cross the road,” here’s hoping you pause and think, “If it’s a summer chicken he’ll be going for a screening that could save his life.”

Top Programs in April

Little Company of Mary Hospital, 2800 W. 95th St. Info/registration: 708-423-5774

New: Hernia Screening with Justin Sobinsky, MD, LCMH general surgeon with certification in minimally invasive hernia repair, Thurs., Apr. 5, 3 to 5 p.m.  Bulging or pain in the abdomen or groin are symptoms of hernia. Little Company of Mary Hospital, Health Education Center, West Pavilion.  Free. Registration required.

Adult Health Fair, Sat., Apr. 7, 7:30 to 10 a.m. Registration required by Apr. 1. Fair covers comprehensive labs, BMI, blood pressure, and take home colon cancer screening kit, as well as information about services from Little Company of Mary for you and your family.  Appointment times for admission will be given at time of registration.

Bloom into Healthy Motherhood and Beyond, a special event for women, Wed., Apr. 18, 5 to 9 p.m. Meet LCMH women’s specialists and enjoy some light refreshments. Little Company of Mary Hospital Conference, 1st floor. Free. Registration required; call 708-423-3070.


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