Welcome to Wine Down Wednesdays at the BAC 

By Kristin Boza 

Merriment, wine, and great company shouldn’t be relegated to the weekends. The Beverly Arts Center (BAC), 2407 W. 111th St., launched Wine Down Wednesdays to combat the mid-week blues and create a community event where patrons can enjoy an evening of food, drink, and entertainment.   

The concept of Wine Down Wednesdays is to bring in adults from the community who may not be familiar with the BAC.  

“We found in our research that many times, busy people do not have or make the time to participate in long-term artistic projects,” said Dr. Carla Carter, Managing Director of the BAC. “However, they seem to enjoy attending one-off events that allow them to vibe and relax in our space while having an artistic experience.” 

BAC leaders wanted to create an event that gives patrons the opportunity to enjoy an art activity with cuisine provided by local Chef Alvin Green and drinks provided by sommelier Pour It Again Sam. The first Wine Down Wednesday coincided with the opening of the BAC’s first theatrical production of the season; guests were able to watch an excerpted sneak peek of “The Lady With All The Answers,” a play about Chicago columnist Ann Landers.  

“Our inaugural event resulted in several attendees purchasing tickets to see the complete play,” Carter said. “We then scheduled the remaining 2022 Wine Down Wednesdays with sneak preview openings of the remaining two plays of the year, ‘All is Calm’ and ‘The Christmas Schooner.’ This gave us the opportunity to survey those who attended Wine Down Wednesdays consistently, and to gather other cocktails, cuisine, and art-based activities for our series through April 2023.” 

Deja Taylor, Events Coordinator at the BAC, is continually enhancing the event. “It’s been truly rewarding to cultivate a space that allows our current community members to engage with new ones who are experiencing us for the first time,” she said. “Wine Down Wednesdays will stay true to its model of art-based programming paired with good spirits and small bites. But perhaps what’s most exciting is the furthered opportunity to curate a full-spectrum experience that excites the community and encourages a space for engagement, collaboration, and an open invitation to ‘wine’ down in the middle of the week.” 

The Wine Down Wednesday calendar includes: Jan. 11, Champagne ‘N Paint to ease attendees into the New Year; Feb. 8, Karaoke: Hometown Favorites & Chicago-style Small Bites with Local Breweries, where the BAC will continue its season of Bold Voices with Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun;” Mar. 1,  In Her Words: Cocktails & Cuisines, features a Women’s History Month celebration that includes cocktails inspired by literary arts icons; and Apr. 12, Get in Step: Micro lessons from BAC’s dance instructors, where attendees will get the chance to show off on the dance floor. 

Wine Down Wednesday tickets range from $50 to $75, all-inclusive; purchase at TheBeverlyArtsCenter.com. 



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