Welcome and Kindness: Spread the Word, Share the Commitment

By Lisa Catania

In today’s political climate, we are called to safeguard the importance and beauty of our diverse identities, whether our identities are defined by culture, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, abilities, spiritual beliefs, or any other form of identity.

The community that is Beverly Therapists has collaborated to create a sign to declare the importance and the promise to support each person’s diversity and uniqueness. It is intended to be displayed in entryways, declaring a safe, welcoming inclusive space for all.

The sign reads, “We welcome diversity of race, culture, spirituality, gender, identity, ability and orientation.  We seek to provide a safe and inclusive space for all. We reject intolerance and any form of degradation, hurt or abuse. We commit in words and actions, to uphold the rights of all to feel safe, valued and respected. Within this space, love, peace, and understanding unify us.”

Beverly Therapists invites other businesses and individuals to similarly declare a safe, accepting, welcoming space. The sign is available for download at www.BeverlyTherapists.com. Printed materials are available at the office, 10725 S. Western, 2nd floor, to share with anyone who is interested.

Random Acts of Kindness  

Beverly Therapists is excited to foster a 4th annual neighborhood opportunity to practice random acts of kindness throughout the month of February.

Kindness, as a daily practice, creates beneficial feelings of love, compassion, gratitude, closeness, and pride. Research has shown that giving and/or receiving kindness reduces stress and improves physical and emotional wellness. During the month of February, we invite people to look for opportunities to surprise acquaintances or strangers with a random act of kindness for absolutely no other reason than to spread kindness. An unexpected gesture of kindness can change someone’s day, or even life, for the better!

Beverly Therapists makes it easy to create an atmosphere of kindness at your local school, church or business. We have created posters which encourage radical participation in random kindness, and cards that can be left with an anonymous act of kindness encouraging the recipient to pass it on. If you receive a random act of kindness, spread the good word! #kindnessinbeverly could help the practice of spreading kindness go viral!

Call 773-310-3488 or email beverlytherapists@icloud.com to collaborate on welcoming and protecting diversity in our wonderful neighborhood and to learn more about the Random Acts of Kindness project or request materials.



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