Virtual Ridge Run Continues through June 7 



For everyone who’s missing the fun and challenge of Chicago’s favorite neighborhood race, participants in BAPA’s first virtual Ridge Run have until Mon., June 7 to complete the Ridge Run 5K, 10K or 5K/10K Challenge races on their own schedules.  

Route maps and registration are available online at; participants will get a Ridge Run t-shirt.  Signs are posted for the 5K and 10K routes, as well as the start and finish lines outside Ridge Park. 

Post your times on social media using the appropriate race hashtag — #BAPARidgeRun5K, #BAPARidgeRun10K or #BAPARidgeRunChalllenge – and a photo to add to the fun. BAPA will not provide official times for the virtual run, and no prizes will be awarded.  

The live Ridge Run (which will have its own T-shirt) is planned for Sat., Sept. 4, so runners and walkers have options to participate in the virtual event, the live event or a combination of the two. See page ___ for complete list of registration options.  

Although the virtual version of the Ridge Run will be a different experience this Memorial Day, BAPA is eager for an all new way to kick off the summer with our neighbors.   

The live race on Sept. 4 will feature the full complement of race options – 5K run, 5K untimed walk, 10K run, 5K + 10K Challenge, and Youth Mile – and a family festival at Ridge Park following the races.    

Whether you’re running for the nostalgia, to see a different part of the neighborhood, to experience how BAPA’s iconic racing event has changed, or to get a T-shirt with the cool new Ridge Run logo, BAPA is looking forward welcoming you to the virtual Ridge Run and making this a social media-driven event filled with friendly competition and South Side pride.   

Run for fun, run to beat your best Ridge Run record, or run to set a time to beat at BAPA’s live Ridge Run on Labor Day weekend.   



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