Village Viewpoint, May 2020: Hope and Gratitude 

By Mary Jo Viero 
BAPA Executive Director  

Other than love, the two most important things we have in life are hope and gratitude.  They are simple words but so powerful if we take the time use them. Every time I begin to feel down — which is a lot lately — I use these words to help me.  I start with gratitude.  First I focus on all of my personal blessings and immediately my mood begins to change. Then I think about all of the amazing things I can be grateful for around me.  As the list growsa complete change comes over me: I begin to feel hopeful.   

The feeling of hope is powerful.  Think about when you are at the White Sox game and it is the 9th inning; the game is tied up and the Sox are up to bat. What do we do?  We stand up and we HOPE that we win. It’s powerful to see everyone stand up and HOPE.  That is what I am doing now. I’m standing up and I am filled with hope.  

If we apply hope and gratitude to our current situation, I believe they will help us get through, and we will come out stronger and more compassionate than ever.  

I am grateful for every single essential worker who is getting up and going to work even though they could be at risk.  

I am grateful for the dedicated first responders who are on the front lines taking care of us every day.   

I am grateful for everyone who is staying at home.   

I am grateful for technology because it is giving us the opportunity to continue to learn and connect.   

I am grateful for the generosity of our entire community that continues to support the organizations that are helping to support our workers, small businesses and the hungry.  

I hope all of our collective efforts help to end this pandemic quickly.   

I hope that anyone who has lost a loved one or is battling COVID-19 feels the love and support our community. 

I hope our medical workers and first responders get the PPE they need to stay safe. 

I hope we remember that people are struggling and need our help, and if we can help we should.   

I hope we fill the community food pantry over and over. 

I hope that we continue to order food from our local restaurants and use our local businesses to keep them going.  

I hope that we check on our seniors who are isolated.  

I hope that we can enjoy summer activities and events.  

I hope that we continue to spread joy to those who are alone.   

I hope we continue to perform random acts of kindness.   

As we take walks around the neighborhood, I hope we take the opportunity to see the love that exists behind every decorated front door and front window.  

I hope you know that BAPA is here for you.  

Mostly I hope that you will stay home, and be well. 

With Hope & Gratitude, 

Mary Jo 




I am grateful for the positive social media that informs me and uplifts me and makes me laugh.   



The definition is: 

to cherish a desire with anticipation :to want something to happen or be true 



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