Village Viewpoint June 2022

BAPA started as a grassroots organization and 75 years later we are still at it.  

Every day we continue our commitment to connecting our community through events and programs that engage and empower our neighbors and celebrate and strengthen our community. That seems like a mouthful, but it’s true! 

In April, I wrote about the importance of our trees in our community.  I received more responses to that column than on any other topic I’ve worked on in my six years at BAPA.  

The article was sparked by the countless number of trees that have been cut down all over our community.  In the two short months since the article was published, dozens and dozens more have been cut down.  There are fresh tree stumps on so many blocks, many of them over five feet wide. It is beyond heartbreaking.  

So BAPA will do what we’ve always done, we will ask our community to come together and solve this problem by organizing and engaging as neighbors to get involved and join BAPA’s campaign to Save Our Trees! 

Please join us at the BAPA office, 1744 W. 99th St., on Tues., June 7, 7 p.m.   

One of my favorite things to do is activate our community to make positive changes whenever possible. I’m sad that we have lost so many trees, but I am hopeful we can save many more.   

I know we can come together just like we did in May for our porch concert, Home Tour and Ridge Run. It was a very busy month for BAPA, but it was such a blessing for me to see so many wonderful neighbors out enjoying our events and each other! 

Thank you to everyone who played, toured, listened, ran, walked, marched, and volunteered in May! You make me soooo happy and forever grateful.  

Have a Happy Summer! 

Mary Jo 

P.S. Don’t worry if you missed your chance to volunteer last month – volunteer spots are open for our Garden Walk and the community-wide Wizarding Weekend in July.  





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