Village Viewpoint – July 2021 


By Mary Jo Viero 
BAPA Executive Director What does BAPA do?   

Whenever someone asks me that question, I think, “I hope they have some time to talk.” 

It’s not easy to quickly sum up what BAPA does because BAPA does many things.  One answer is, “BAPA brings out the best in our community.”  But then you might ask, “How?” Here’s where things get more complex.  

The long answer to what BAPA does starts with another question, “What makes a strong and vibrant community?” Most people would answer that a vibrant community needs thriving local businesses and strong schools in a safe, beautiful and diverse community in which take pride in where they live.  

That is what BAPA does.   

You will find examples of BAPA’s mission to make Beverly/Morgan Park the best neighborhood in Chicago in everything we do.  For example, BAPA’s Front Porch Concert Series brings out the best in our community by showcasing a beautiful home, supporting talented local musicians, offering food and beverages from local businesses and bringing our neighbors together to enjoy the evening.  

This very paper is another example of bringing out the best in the neighborhood.  Every month in The Villager you will find stories about our local businesses, our schools, our neighbors, and our programs. 

BAPA’s our community-building events are another example.  Our 2nd Annual Garden Walk on Sun., July 11showcases eight incredible private gardens, talented local musicians, food and beverage tastings from our local restaurants, and friends and neighbors coming together to celebrate all the beauty, possibility and hospitality our community has to offer.  

Do you want to know more? Just ask me! I’m always proud to talk about what BAPA does for our amazing community. 

Here’s my question: Are you a BAPA member?   

If not, you can support BAPA and all that we do by joining today. Use the envelope inserted in this issue of The Villager or join online at Every dollar you gives goes right back to our community.  

I love what I do and I love where I live! 

Have a happy summer!  

Mary Jo  





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