Village Viewpoint: Hope, Gratitude and Patience 


Back in May I wrote my Village Viewpoint about the power of hope and gratitude. Six months later I am reflecting on the power of hope and gratitude once again. However, I am adding one more powerful word to the list: patience.  

The amount of stress, suffering and uncertainty we have experienced over the past eight months feels like enough for a lifetime, and yet, it is not over. If you are like me and struggle with patience sometimes, the continuation of COVID-19 is making life harder and harder. 

So what can we do?  I read a wonderful book by Mary Ryan called “The Power of Patience.”  It offers so many great examples of how patience is rewarded.  I go back to it often to remind myself to “practice patience.”  Now, instead of getting annoyed when I am in a long line at the store, I put my patience into action. When it’s finally my turn, take a moment to ask the person at the register, “How are you?” Both of us feel better by that simple exchange. Patience brings out the best in people. 

Patience is something I try to use at BAPA.  My goal for BAPA is to bring out the best in our community. We do that by supporting our small businesses, our residents, our schools, our parks and our first responders. That is our mission every day.  Pandemic or not, BAPA celebrates our incredible community through programs, events and connection.  

Hopefully you see the value of BAPA in your own circumstance as our community continues to cope with coronavirus. Whether you attended our recent garden walk, witnessed our beautification efforts throughout the neighborhood, planted a new tree with us, attended one of our many porch concerts over the summer, enjoyed the fun of solving a History Mystery Bike Adventure, attended our new neighbor meet and greet or bought tickets in our12 Weeks of Christmas Raffle we hope you experienced a community connection 

Thank you to everyone who supports BAPA as residential and business members, and to our generous community partners and sponsors. Your support allows us to do what we do best.  

If you are not a current BAPA member, I humbly ask that you consider becoming one. You can use the envelope enclosed with this month’s Villager.  
On behalf of myself and the entire BAPA staff, we wish you all a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.  


Mary Jo 


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