Village Viewpoint – December 

By Mary Jo Viero 
BAPA Executive Director 

I am writing this before Thanksgiving which means I don’t know how Thanksgiving will feel. I am guessing it will be different but, more importantly, meaningful. More meaningful than ever. I hope you all enjoyed it with those closest to you   

As we move into December, I can’t help but look back at my first year as BAPA Executive Director. It’s been a rollercoaster for sure, full of challenges and accomplishments. What makes me the happiest are the connections we have made during this extremely difficult year. They were not BAPA’s typical connections, but finding new ways to serve you was exciting and energizing.   

BAPA is used to connecting our community through events. I always looked forward to them so much because I would see so many people and everyone was excited to be together.  That connection has always been a reward for all the hard work of organizing and presenting our events. This year was anything but what BAPA was used to, and I was determined to bring us together to connect in spite of the obstacles.  

We came up with connections through our vehicle parades, our porch concert series, and our garden walk.  We connected through programs like our Covid response resources, our business webinars, and our beautification efforts. We connected with our small business support initiatives like “Think before you click” and our current “12 Weeks of Christmas Raffle” and our new Senior Smart Tech 3.0 classes. These may not bring us together in the traditional sense, but they build community connection, and that is my goal every day.    

If you participated in any of BAPA’s programs this year, I want to say thank you. If you have not, I hope you will connect with us in 2021.    

I wish you all the best during the holidays and in the coming year. Be well, and take care of yourself and each other.  


Mary Jo   



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