Village Viewpoint August 2021

It’s August and normally all of us at BAPA would be relaxing after a busy event season.  This year we are just getting started!  

I am so thrilled that our 2nd Annual Garden Walk turned out to be everything we had hoped and worked for.  Over 700 people enjoyed our beautiful neighborhood, gorgeous gardens, live music, mint juleps and much more! I’m so grateful for the beautiful weather, my incredible staff, our volunteers, the gracious garden owners, our local small businesses, talented musicians and, of course, everyone who attended. Together we pulled off a perfect day. 

Next up . . . the Ridge Run! BAPA will host one of the neighborhood’s most loved events of the year on Labor Day weekend – Sat., Sept. 4. I couldn’t be happier! 

This year we are encouraging participants to run as a team.  When looking up the word team, I found that being a team means to “come together, join forces, collaborate.” The Ridge Run is a perfect opportunity for people to join together, run, enjoy each other’s company and even support a cause.   

We already have several teams signed up for the Ridge Run and we are hoping many more neighbors will form teams.  Coworkers, charities, neighborhood blocks, families and schools can all join together as a team.  

On race day, there will be a designated an area at Ridge Park for teams to congregate and and celebrate reaching the finish line. Many teams are running to raise money for important causes and charities.  BAPA will host a team party for those who are interested in and actively fundraising. The party will be held at Cork and Kerry, 10614 S. Western, Thurs., Aug. 12. Find details in the article on page 1.  

After the Ridge Run we will not have minute to rest because BAPA’s Beverly/Morgan Park Home Tour will be held on Sept. 26! Once again there will be fabulous homes to see and inspire.  

I can’t wait to see our neighbors come together, join forces, and enjoy each other’s company.  Just like a very large team! 


Mary Jo  



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