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Every winter in the bitter cold, after cleaning off our cars and shoveling heavy snow, we ask ourselves, “Why do we live in Chicago?” There is always a day when we ask ourselves, “Where should we move?” 

I sit in my car waiting for it to warm up and think about all the warm places there are with beautiful beaches. Then I start to think about it: “What kind of neighborhoods are there?”  

I know when I am out of town, I usually say hello to people in elevators and they look at me like I’m weirdo for talking to strangers.  

That’s when I get worried.   

Why aren’t people as friendly in other places as they are in Chicago (especially our neighborhood!) and the Midwest, for that matter? 

After my daydream of sitting on a beach somewhere, I always circle back to the fact that I am happy right here in Beverly/Morgan Park.  

There are tradeoffs in any place you live, and I don’t want to make that tradeoff anytime soon. I’ll just bundle up!  

So how are we all going to get through the wintry days of February?  I have some suggestions.   

Support our local businesses by participating in our small business campaign, Count Down to Mardi Gras.  It’s a simple and fun way to support them during a slow time.  

BAPA’s Community Health Expo is a great way to meet the vast number of health-related local businesses in one place. There will be discussions, demonstrations, samples of healthy food and beverages, and plenty of raffles. You can also meet our special guest, Val Warner, Emmy Award-winning co-host of ABC’s Windy City Weekend. Not bad for a Saturday morning in February.  

Before I go, I want to express my deep gratitude for our friend Richard Haggerty, and my sympathy to his family. Richard passed away in December. He was a friend to BAPA and to so many more.  A few years ago, BAPA awarded the Richard Haggerty and his cousin and business partner Mike Haggerty our Community Service Award for their generosity and support of our community. Ricahard was so fun to talk to and be around, he loved everything about Beverly/Morgan Park. He is greatly missed. Please read the full story about him in this issue of The Villager.  

I want to thank every person who came to BAPA’s Big Night. Our committee was the best! Thank you Lynn DeHoyos, Lauren Ditka, Chris Gonzales, Kacey Kelly, Amy Moran, Joe Murphy, Brian Naglich, Chas Pall, and George Viero for helping to plan a great event.  

Please take note of our two pages listing all of the 2023 BAPA donors and members. We could not be an organization without each and every one of you! I’m grateful for your generous support. I hope those of you reading this who are not BAPA members will consider giving back to your community by becoming members this year.  

Stay warm and stay strong! March is only a month away! 


Mary Jo  



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