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Happy New Year!  

Many of us are making lists of resolutions right now. They often include resolutions or new goals for fitness, finances, education, or travel. I would like to ask that if you are making a list, please add in a “Giving Goal.” 

This resolution could be giving of your time or your talent or giving monetarily. 

Just as reaching other goals enriches your life, so does giving. 

We all have something to give, and our community needs all types of givers.  

Teens are giving up part of their Sundays to participate in BAPA’s Teen Service Corps. They have a collective goal of contributing 500 service hours by May. Now that is a fantastic giving goal!  

At the December Teen Service Corps meeting, the teens were given a postcard to present to a senior on their block, offering to assist with tasks like snow shoveling and yard work or helping with technology questions. The teens will not only add to their giving goal, they will connect with a neighbor and improve our community.  

Throughout the year, BAPA has hundreds of opportunities for neighbors to give of their time and talent. If you have a talent for something, make that a giving goal. Share it with the community. We will all be grateful for it. If time is something you have, please consider joining  BAPA’s Ridge Run planning committee, or volunteering at one of our events.  

If you are blessed financially and used to supporting organizations at a certain level, ask yourself if you could give a little more this year.  Will it really change your lifestyle? Can it help someone else?  

In our case, BAPA relies on donations from the community. If you have never given to BAPA, please consider making us part of your giving goal. You can give monthly or yearly at a level that fits your budget. If you are a business that can sponsor an event or become a BAPA business member, your contributions will support our community. Whatever you can give will make a tremendous impact here in your community. I promise!  

BAPA is working on our event list for 2024 and it’s a long one! 

First up is BAPA’s Big Night on Sat., Jan. 20. Big Night was a hit last year and we are excited to bring it back. Check out the details in this issue. 

Planning is also underway for BAPA’s newest event, a Community Health Expo showcasing health-related local businesses in February.  

Our annual Ridge Run and Memorial Day Parade is looking for committee members, so contact us if you want to be a part of BAPA’s biggest event of the year.  

Just like you, we are excited for 2024! 

I wish all of you a wonderful year ahead filled with happiness, new adventures, and great memories! 


Mary Jo  


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