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This past weekend, my brother Joe held a birthday party for his house.  It is a 125-year-old Victorian in Worth.  He’s been working on it and restoring it inside and out ever since he bought it almost 10 years ago.  He researched and learned the original owner invented the iconic Coleman Lantern. The house looked beautiful, and the party was really wonderful.  It made me think about all the homes in our neighborhood that we could host birthday parties for.  I know so many of our neighbors that take such pride in owning a historic home. They do research at the Ridge Historical Society and learn who designed it, who built it, and who the previous owners were.  They research period lighting, paint colors, and restore the woodwork and windows. We get calls at BAPA all the time asking for referrals of craftsmen that can help them maintain the beauty of their homes. All of this is why I love where I live.   

The fact that we take pride in our homes and go the extra mile to maintain them, and their historic features, is not the norm everywhere else. I had a friend in college that had a historic home in Hinsdale and had to sell it. The new owner had it demolished within weeks.  She cried when she told me.  

I think I like architecture as much as I like trees. The fact that our neighborhood is rich with both is something I don’t take for granted.  If anyone wants to have a birthday party for their house or feature it in the Villager, let me know!  I am happy to celebrate with you.  

Besides having great things to look at, our community is also filled with worthwhile activities.  September is filled with our last Porch Concert of the season, Sip and Shop, Country on Western Music Festival and the 10th Annual Beverly Art Walk.  

This year, the BAPA office will be a part of the Sip & Shop and serve as the check-in point. We will have merchandise for sale and are excited to showcase our 99th and 103rd shopping districts. Just like taking care of and pride in a home, local businesses take care of and take pride in their businesses.  I hope to see you there!  



Mary Jo  


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