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We can take our seatbelts off now. 

We made it through the busy month of May and now it’s SUMMER! 

BAPA continues to work throughout the summer, just at a slower pace.  

It is the time to regroup and focus our attention on other things.  

Each year the BAPA staff likes to get out and get our hands dirty.  We will be starting our annual Weeding Wednesdays the on June 10. Each week we will pick a spot in the neighborhood and spend the morning cleaning and weeding. Everyone is welcome to join us. Our first location will be the hill on 103 and Longwood.  We hope to see you there! We start at 9 a.m. working to keep our neighborhood beautiful.  

Speaking of beautiful, have you noticed all the new trees throughout the neighborhood? 

This is a wonderful turnaround from last year when we had hundreds of trees cut down. I was devasted and felt so discouraged but  

BAPA made it clear that our community values our trees and understands how important they are. The Department of Forestry listened and responded. 

This is a huge win for our community! I am very grateful to Cole Stollard and his department for following through on the promise to plant hundreds of trees, replacing our lost ones.  

On a different note, if you are attending our Porch Concerts, please know that these concerts are free to all. BAPA pays all the costs associated with the events. I hope that you understand how supporting BAPA financially helps us tremendously to offset these costs. Thank you to all the BAPA members who do support us. You are the reason we can do what we do.  

If you are not a BAPA member but enjoy our events and the work we do, I urge to become a member. It’s easy! Just go to our website and sign up to donate either monthly or yearly. Your money goes directly back into your community.  

Cheers to our beautiful community and cheers to a great summer ahead! 


Mary Jo  





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