Village Viewpoint

By Mary Jo Viero 
BAPA Executive Director 
As I reflect on the past 10 weeks of quarantine, it’s easy to think about everything we missed — gatherings, games, graduations, just to name a few.  

Just like you, BAPA missed hosting our annual Home Tour and the Ridge Run and Memorial Day Parade. These events take months of planning and preparation, but also include the anticipation and excitement of bringing our community together.  

After I got over the “missing,” I realized that the quarantine took away certain things but it also gave us something we really needed: Opportunity.  

It gave me the opportunity to read the book on my nightstand and the one below it too! It gave me the opportunity to play cards, do puzzles, clean out my garage and even some closets. It gave us all the opportunity to be creative and learn.  

BAPA seized the opportunity to come up with a parade idea to uplift our friends at Smith Village. We have been supporting our local businesses with new creative and collaborative approaches like online workshops for businesses and opening a weekly Free Store in our Community RoomWith not much else going on this summer, we took the opportunity to reshape an old favorite that is perfect for our current situation: The History Mystery Bike Adventure! And you can participate not once, but four times this summer! 

This month, we’re hosting a music series and a parade in honor of Brian Piccolo.  

The idea of collecting pictures of our local first responders is giving me so much joy. We are going to display them at the Ridge Run in September.   

All of these ideas would not have been possible if not for this unique opportunity. When we look back on this time in history, I hope there we remember not just those who we lost and those who were fighting it, but also the wonderful opportunities it presented.  


Happy Summer, Have Fun, Stay well, 

Mary Jo  



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