Tree Care in Hot Weather 

All trees can suffer ill effects from drought and heat, though it’s not always obvious. For newly planted trees, like the many trees recently planted on neighborhood parkways by the City of Chicago, drought and heat can quickly damage and even kill young trees. 

With current drought conditions in our area and the promise of hot weather in July and August, property owners need to make special efforts to care for and water trees.  

During regular weather conditions, Friends of Trees recommends that for established trees, provide at least a monthly soak – about an hour of a steady drip, more if the tree appears stressed or is dropping leaves.  

For new trees (about 1 to 3 years in the ground), water about 8-9 gallons at least twice a week in regular conditions, and double that in excessive heat and drought – deep watering every 3-4 days.  

The best times to water are early in the morning or after the sun goes down. This will minimize water loss from evaporation. Water slowly so moisture really soaks in around the roots.  


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