‘Tis the Season to Get Some Help: Reliable Errand Services

By Carrie Channell

Sometimes it can be difficult to get around. Business owners, professionals, busy parents, seniors and caregivers often struggle to simply manage life, let alone get the grocery shopping done, drop off the dry cleaning, or even pick up lunch. That’s where Eleanor Richards comes in.

Richards founded Reliable Errand Services earlier this year to help people in the Beverly/Morgan Park neighborhood cope with the myriad details of life. A long-time neighborhood resident with a strong business background, Richards believes in doing business in a way that gives back to our community.

As she explained, many seniors, while fully capable of functioning at home, may not be able to drive, or if they can, may not be able to stand in line for very long. Having someone handle simple tasks can allow them to remain independent and in their own homes for longer than they might otherwise.

Another of Richards’ aims is to attract more busy professionals and small business owners to take advantage of benefit of her services. She can cover many errands, and she’s willing to travel to the loop if necessary; many local services don’t go that far afield.

Reliable Errand Services is dedicated to providing that extra hand that allows people to live their lives to the fullest.  Hours Mon. through Fri., 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Info: 312-583-7955, www.reliableerrandservices.com or info@reliableerrandservices.com.


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