Time for a Closet Makeover 

By Kristin Boza 

Spring cleaning is in full swing this time of year. If a complete home overhaul is too overwhelming, start small and focus on a closet. Just Organized Closets, owned by Sha’Ron Pruitt, is a professional closet organization service in operation since 2006. Pruitt assists her clients to get organized and stay organized by focusing on maximizing the potential of closet space — which is particularly effective for the small closets seen in many older Beverly/Morgan Park homes.   

The company was founded when Pruitt decided to make some simple and effective changes to her own closets. “One year, I could not find my winter gloves,” she said. “I realized that searching aimlessly for my gloves would continue every winter unless I started putting all like items together. I became obsessed with containers and I started with organizing all of my seasonal garments; eventually, everything had a place in a bin or basket.”  

Now, she teaches her clients about key organizational concepts, including streamlining their stuff and controlling the clutter. She also can design a closet space and helps her clients determine which types of shelves, bins or baskets can alleviate the stress of an overflowing closet. 

One small detail that makes a big difference is buying matching hangers. “Using the same type of hanger, like wood or flat velvet, will instantly change the aesthetics of your closet. You can then easily see all of your clothes,” Pruitt said. “Another tip is to take advantage of vertical wall space. Install hooks to hang purses, scarves, and hats to maximize your space.” 

The biggest issue Pruitt deals with is too many items crammed into a closet, particularly clothing. She advises her clients to take a hard look at their wardrobe and eliminate what they don’t wear. “People like to keep clothes that they haven’t worn in many years. Most people only wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time! If you have not worn an item for over a year and you don’t have a sentimental attachment to it, then donate it or sell it to free up your space,” she said.  

Pruitt helps clients conduct a thorough inventory of their wardrobe and develops a wardrobe plan to eliminate duplicate items and prevent clients from buying clothing that they don’t need.   

Follow Pruitt on Instagram @JustOrganizedClosets or call 773-620-6711 for a free estimate. 


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