Thorough Policing and Technology Combine in Arrest of Burglary Suspect 

By Brian Marchetti 

A combination of solid police work and technology led authorities to the arrest of a burglary suspect that may be connected to several thefts in the 22nd Police District.  

On July 5, police responded to a possible break-in at Roots Consignment Company on 103rd Street. Officer Isabel Velazquez discovered a smashed window and open door at the rear of the store. The owner reported that several items were missing including a vintage bass guitar.    

Velazquez gathered security footage from Roots Consignment Store and a nearby business. Officer Javier Roman, a technology officer, gathered the footage and brought it back to the 22nd District station for analysis.  

Officer Jeremiah Pentek and his PPO (Probationary Police Officer) Francisco Bejar did a walk-through of the crime scene. After gathering clues and other information, Officer Pentek created a case report — or summary of the crime.  

Back at the 22nd District, the SDSC (Strategic Decision Support Center) room personnel analyzed the evidence. The surveillance footage gathered at the scene yielded a clear picture of the suspect.  

“We noticed that he had a distinct, vintage Orlando Magic hat,” Officer Roman said. “We put out an officer awareness flyer for a person matching the description.”  

Just 24 hours later, on July 6, police received a report of a suspicious person at 95th and Damen. Items reported stolen from that property included a bicycle and landscaping tools. Officer Velazquez happened to be one of the officers dispatched to the call.     

“The suspect was last seen heading south on Damen,” Officer Velazquez said. “We set up a perimeter. After a short foot chase, we were able to catch him.”  

Police arrested Adrian Garcia, 36. He matched the description of the suspect seen on the surveillance videos gathered at Roots Consignment Company. Garcia was also apprehended wearing the Orlando Magic Hat. He has been linked to other burglaries, including an incident in January at a Dunkin’ Donuts on 87th St. 

Due to the thorough work of responding officers and detectives, the suspect has been charged with multiple offenses.  

“Everything fell into place,” Officer Velazquez said. “Because no one cut corners, we were able to connect him to multiple crimes.” 


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