Think Before You Click: Ten Years Running  

By Brittany Wiley 
BAPA Business Liaison 

Ten years ago, a specialty running store, Running Excels10328 S. Western, opened their doors to our community.  Since then, Beverly Lynch has been providing us with a personalized shopping experience and quality products to ensure comfort, fit and support.   

But you don’t have to be a runner to shop there.   

Many people are now walking to get out of the house. We want everyone to know we fit walkers, runners and those who just need a comfortable shoe to use at work or to get around,” Lynch said.  The store also carries OOFOS sandals, a recovery footwear brand that absorbs impact and reduces the stress on your feet and joints. 

One of the foundations of Running Excels and their success is the fitting process.  They believe “the journey to your perfect pair of shoes is as unique as you are.”  

Lynch assesses your need by getting to know you, including your history of injuries and the type of exercise you do. She then analyzes your arches and finally your gait to give you shoe options tailored to you.  Customers can test out shoes on the treadmill or outside before making a decision.   

Running Excels was considered a non-essential business when the stayat-home mandate was put into effect.  The doors had to be closed, so Lynch found creative ways to continue serving her customers.    

Since 85% of Lynch’s customers are local, she was able to hand-deliver merchandise to their homes or offer curbside pickup.  She offered fittings virtually and brought customers several pairs to try on.  Wearing masks, outdoor fittings were added at the store.  Lynch still to offer these services if her customers are unable to come into the store because of health concerns. 

“The biggest change we made during this time was adding an online presence,” Lynch said.  Running Excels offers a full line of running shoes on their website,  Customers can search by fit online as part of Lynch’s continuing commitment to personalization.  More shoe colors and styles are available online, so even if you have an in-person fitting, you can order a shoe that isn’t available in the store.   

Lynch does not just sell shoes and running-related products in her store.  She has created a community with the Run Beverly group.  

“Many of the runners… are now lifelong friends,” she said.  Some have been running together since the store opened in 2010. “They are a welcoming, non-intimidating group,” she added. All are welcome at no charge.   

We are lucky to have a store like Running Excels in this neighborhood.  Beverly Lynch is committed to the physical health and comfort of our residents.  She has gone above and beyond to survive and serve us through COVID.  Even if you don’t need shoes, stop in for running shorts, socks, hats or even a mask.  We can do our part to make sure Running Excels celebrates another 10 years. 

To learn more, visit  Follow Running Excels on Instagram @runningexcels or Facebook, 



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