Think Before You Click 

By Brittany Wiley 
BAPA Business Liaison 

In the age of Amazon and coronavirus, ordering with the click of a button seems like the smart choice. Not only are we addicted to the immediate gratification but also the ease. You can shop without masks and hand sanitizer, without concern. But we challenge you to think further ahead. To think before you click.  

What will our decision to shop with a click do to our community? How is this affecting our hyper-local economy?  

Our neighbors own the shops and restaurants here. They serve our community with more than product but also with the intention of making Beverly/Morgan Park a better place to live. It is our duty as neighbors to do what we can to ensure that these places survive, and hopefully, thrive during this crisis. 

The idea to start a local Think Before You Click campaign came from a simple discussion with Robin Harmon, interior designer and owner of RMH Design, 1804 W. 103rd St. Like a lot of other small businesses, Harmon has had to downsize to survive. Her business has been around for eight years. It is established. She has a solid customer base. Quality products. So why is this happening to her?  

Because, too often, we as consumers don’t think about the livelihood of our local business owners: we browse, we click, it ships.  

How many of us during the last four months have bought décor, furniture and fixtures for our homes online? I would venture to guess a lot.  

Did you know that Harmon has direct access to vendors like Anthropologie, Surya, and Hudson Valley? Even if you aren’t in need of an interior designer, you can walk into Harmon’s Showroom and order rugs, lighting, décor and more, directly from her. And she can guide you through the process. You get quality products and connection. You are making a direct impact on our local economy. 

We know there are other businesses out there that are struggling to get their message out, or let people know about all their servicesBAPA wants to give you a voice, to create that connection with the community we serve. Reach out and we will help you bridge that gap.  

As consumers, we need to stop and think. Do you need to order from Instacart or can you stop into County Fair? Can you call Keith Lewis at Bookie’s for that new book for your child instead of getting it online? We can all make small changes to how we shop. It will make a difference. Think before you click and help your neighbor. And contact me at to share your ideas.  


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