The Psychology of Finding a New Job 


With so much change in the economy, many of us may be impacted ourselves, or connected to someone impacted by unemployment and the search for a new job. As people adjust to changesBAPA will be hosting an online workshop to help job hunters learn to be focused, resilient and successful during their search.  

The workshop will be presented in late June by Megan Connollya Business Psychologist and Consultant with close to 20 years of experience solving work challenges through the science of human behavior.  

The workshop will help people refine their searches to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Work shop participants will: 

Review which job hunt strategies have been shown to work, and which ones might not, so you can plan your search efficiently. 

Improve your awareness of your personal strengths and how you can put them to work for you during your search. 

Get acquainted with the job search experience – it’s ups and downs – and how to give yourself room to grow. 

Explore how a job is more than just a paycheck, and how to get back some of what you may be missing most during this time. 

Discover techniques for staying motivated, committed and on-point throughout the experience. 

Connolly is a Principal and Senior Consultant with Mercer, LLC in their employee listening practice. To receive more information about the workshop, email with Job Search Workshop in the subject line.  



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