The Lows and Highs of Ridge Run Training 

By Sabrina Landers, DPM 
Keir Foot & Ankle Specialists 

The Ridge Run is May 30, and there are things to which new and veteran runners should be paying close attention in order to be sure small problems become big ones.  

 Shoes, Part Deux 

Let’s start where your feet meet the pavement: Your shoes. The most perfect pair of shoes are on your feet because you followed all the rules when you purchased them, including being fitted by the experts at Running Excels. Training is well underway and progressing nicely. Good job! You’re done then, right? Nope. You notice pain in your toes mid-run. Don’t despair! There are ways podiatrists can optimize your running shoes. Simple fixes such as padding and different lacing patterns can increase foot comfort throughout your run. Keir Foot & Ankle Specialists can assess your current running shoes and make sure they are, in fact, a perfect match for you!   

Aches & Pains 

Have you noticed darkened discolored toenails, pain in your heel, or an irritating click in your ankle? Find solutions to those issues that can help you stay on track. Discolored toenails, or nails that become loose and fall off may be a sign of ill- fitting shoes. Heel pain may be a sign of inadequate stretching. That click in your ankle might just need a small wrap for recovery. If you experience pain in your legs or feet do not hesitate to address them. Small aches and pains can turn into injuries later. 

Relaxation & Hydration 

Rest and recovery are central to success! Recovery comes in many forms. Hydration during training combats exhaustion. Five ounces of fluid per 50 pounds of body weight before running will help avoid foot and leg cramps along the way. Drinks with electrolytes and protein can help post run recovery. Allowing time between strenuous training sessions, non-weight bearing activities, or a timely massage can also keep you on track.  

Remember to Stretch 

You are, most assuredly, not stretching enough! Stretching consistently before and after training helps prevent myriad issues such as strains, sprains, and injuries. A light full body stretch at bedtime combats the buildup of lactic acid and keep you moving the next day. Cramping may be a sign of inadequate stretching or that your stretch has not reached the target muscle group.  

Ending on a HIGH Note 

Some days are harder than others. No runner’s high on Tuesday? Get back out there on Wednesday. Or take a day to recover and crush it on Thursday. 

If you experience any of these issues or others, call to make an appointment so you can keep working toward your goals. Keir Foot and Ankle Specialists applauds you for all the energy and effort it takes to be amazing!  


Dr. Whitney Castle and Dr. Sabrina Landers of Keir Foot and Ankle Specialists, 11628 S. Western, are board certified Podiatrists. Info: or 773-941-4040. 


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