Thank You BAPA Members! 

Thank You BAPA Members! 

BAPA brings out the best in our neighborhood, and we are able to do that because our neighbors give where they live. BAPA works hard to make sure every dollar is wisely invested in the programs and events that make Beverly/Morgan Park stronger, more beautiful and more connected.  

We are so grateful for everyone who joined as BAPA members in 2021 – the final thank you list will be published in the February issue of The Villager. Why support BAPA? Here are a few reasons, as expressed by BAPA members: 

“As we considered different areas to put down roots, Beverly became the frontrunner . . . due to the work of BAPA.” 

“Organizations like BAPA work to encourage community participation at every level and provide support for a variety of important neighborhood initiatives. It’s important work; great places to live and raise a family don’t happen by accident.”  

“We support BAPA because BAPA supports us and our neighbors!”  

If you are not a member and in a position to help, you can go to and select Support BAPA to make a secure donation online. Donations in any amount are sincerely appreciated. BAPA is a not-for-profit organization and donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  


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