Village Viewpoint, July 2024 

Dear Neighbors.  I hope this message finds you well. Today, I write to you with a hopeful heart and a mind focused on the values that make our community strong […]

Village Viewpoint 

By: Mary Jo Viero BAPA Executive Director Sometimes I feel like I won the Lotto! It’s true. I feel so blessed that I need to share it with you, especially […]

Village Viewpoint: May 2024 

By Mary Jo Viero  Before I mention all the wonderful things happening this month, I must tell you about our first Old House Lecture Series on April 23. Tim Blackburn […]

Village Viewpoint – April 2024 

 By Mary Jo Viero    As we look ahead to April, some exciting events are happening. Epic events!  I am talking about the Great North American Solar Eclipse that takes […]

Village Viewpoint  

 I recently attended a retreat that left me with so many great pieces of advice. I want to share one of my favorites that I now have on several sticky […]

Village Viewpoint

Every winter in the bitter cold, after cleaning off our cars and shoveling heavy snow, we ask ourselves, “Why do we live in Chicago?” There is always a day when […]

Village Viewpoint

Happy New Year!   Many of us are making lists of resolutions right now. They often include resolutions or new goals for fitness, finances, education, or travel. I would like to […]

Village Viewpoint November 2023 

By MaryJo Viero I must admit, this is a tough column to write this month when everything feels so sad, stressful, and overwhelming. Our problems are so big, nothing is […]

Village Viewpoint  

   One thing about this job is that every day is different.  I can never really get into a rhythm because things pop up all the time. Here are some […]

Village Viewpoint  

  This past weekend, my brother Joe held a birthday party for his house.  It is a 125-year-old Victorian in Worth.  He’s been working on it and restoring it inside […]