Local School Update – July 2021 

By Tina Jenkins Bell   BAPA School Liaison  We made it through! Another school year successfully completed with a pandemic twist. Thinking of this school year, I realize the African proverb “it takes a Village to raise a child” is also true for communities with successful schools. Beverly/Morgan Park schools faced trough odds this past school year.   Some schools chose to open their doors for in-person and remote learning […]

June Education Column 

  By Tina Jenkins Bell  BAPA School Liaison  My mom had a saying when we faced seemingly impossible odds: “We will make a way out of no way.” Her words resonate with me when I think about how our schools and community done what was needed to “make a way out of” a pandemic, isolation, new ways of living, new ways of thinking, […]

Tips for Transitioning Children Back to School 

  By Tina Jenkins Bell  BAPA School Liaison  For many parents and their children, the opening of Catholic and private schools last fall and recent the return of PreK-8 Chicago Public School students to the physical classroom was a long time coming, and not always easy. Whether your children have been in school or are just starting […]

CPS Education Goals Prioritize Diversity 

  By Tina Jenkins Bell  BAPA School Liaison  Diversity is a multifaceted term, according to Dr. Carole Rene’ Collins-Ayanlaja. It is the practice of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, and even learning styles.  “There are so many components within education where diversity can be applied: […]

School Update 

  By Tina Jenkins Bell  BAPA School Liaison   I have the pleasure of living in close proximity to Christ the King and Kellogg Schools. One day as I left my home to travel to BAPA, I saw a long line of preschoolers very dutifully singing nursery rhymes and avoiding the cracks in the sidewalk.   “Don’t step on the cracks,” […]

Love Where You Learn Apparel Funds Teacher Appreciation Efforts 

  Principals, teachers, and staff at Beverly/Morgan Park schools have been heroic in their efforts to educate students during the pandemic. To demonstrate the community’s heartfelt appreciation, BAPA has added a line of Love Where You Learn apparel to it’s spring Love Where You Live store, which will be open for orders Mar. 1 through 31. Love Where You Learn items will raise funds for teacher […]

School Update: Good News from Local Schools 

By Tina Jenkins Bell  BAPA School Liaison  I love a good story, great news, a happy ending, or any time the underdog pulls through for the big win.   I breathe the words spoken by Jesse Daley, an Australian professional soccer player, in a speech titled, “Success Is a Journey Not a Destination,” when he said, “The preparation […]

Beverly/Morgan Park Area Schools:  Quality Education Wherever You Go 

By Tina Jenkins Bell  BAPA School Liaison  Do you see it? The light at the end of the tunnel. As I write this column,  Americans were notified that we have an authorized, recommended vaccine to prevent COVID-19. For Beverly/Morgan Park schools and families, the news of the vaccine is music for the soul. As we see more schools welcome […]

January Community Calendar

Grab your favorite beverage, log-in to the City Grange Classroom for a casual houseplant chat with expert Alex Muehlbauer, Thursdays, beginning Jan. 14, 6:15 p.m. Each week they show off the store’s beautiful houseplant inventory, share great info, and take your questions. There may even be a special guest or two. Free, but registration is required; go to Citygrange.com and select classes. You will be sent a link […]

School Update: Education, Community and Grit 

By Tina Jenkins Bell  BAPA School Liaison  In February 2020, the corona virus pandemic hit hard and held a harsh grip on Beverly/Morgan Park and other communities around the country, making 2020 a year that will go down in infamy. The repercussions of the virus on schools were many, from a sudden change of face-to-face to remote instruction, to parents having […]