First Stop: Commuter Safety  

  By Gary Jenkins  BAPA Safety Liaison   Metra’s historic Rock Island commuter train runs through the heart of Beverly/Morgan Park community, with seven station stops within the two-mile stretch between 91st   Street and 115th Street. A survey conducted in 2018, showed local ridership numbered over 3,000 commuters.   Due to the pandemic, ridership has been down, but with […]

School Safety  

By Gary Jenkins  BAPA Safety Liaison   Summer is over and children are already back in school. As students attend in-person school, parents should remain mindful that we are still dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, the emergence of the Delta variant continues to be of […]

Longwood Drive Bike Lanes and Safety 

By Anne Alt  It seems that some folks in the neighborhood a a bit confused by the new markings on Longwood Drive. The markings simply formalize the usage that’s been in place for years.   New lines […]

Summer Safety 

Summer Safety  By Gary Jenkins  BAPA Safety Liaison  Summer is upon us and, with the end of school near, vacations, and warmer weather, it’s time to head outside and enjoy our neighborhood.   Unlike last year when we all […]

IRS Tax Scams 

  By Gary Jenkins  BAPA Safety Liaison  Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it did not take long for scammers and fraudsters to apply their trade. Pandemic-related scams range from telephone and email scams to unemployment insurance fraud, to the most […]

Preventing Property Fraud 

  By Gary Jenkins  BAPA Safety Liaison  Chicago communities – including Beverly/Morgan Park — have experienced problems with property fraud, most commonly when squatters occupy vacant homes. Although there are not a lot of vacant properties in our community, several […]

Anatomy of a Beat Meeting

By Gary Jenkins BAPA Safety Liaison What are CAPS Beat meetings and what can you get out of attending monthly meetings? Let’s begin with a brief history of CAPS. Chicago […]

January Safety

By Gary Jenkins  BAPA Safety Liaison  911 Information:  The last few months the Beverly/Morgan Park community has experienced some violent crimes, including armed robberies and two shootings, including the killing of a decorated retired Chicago Fire […]

Safety Update: COVID-19 and Holiday Safety  

By Gary Jenkins  BAPA Safety Liaison  Nearly everyone looks forward to the holiday season, which traditionally begins at Thanksgiving and ends on New Year’s Day. We look forward to this time of […]