The Late Summer Garden 

By Barbara Gyarmathy  The Garden Glory Days are here! August is the time to sit back and enjoy your hard work. But remember to…  Keep watering!  The garden needs the equivalent of 1 inch of water per […]

Things to Do in the June Garden

By Barbara Gyarmathy  Master Gardener  Much of the effort to plant our gardens has been accomplished by now. June is the month to reap the rewards of all that work and rest in the assurance […]

Things to Do in the May Garden

By Barbara Gyarmathy, Master Gardener “Some of what happens to nature is beyond our control. But not our backyards. This is where we can do our bit to help the […]


By Barbara Gyarmathy  Garden Club of Morgan Park Beverly Hills    Spring has returned! Hopefully you had some time over the winter to ponder your sleeping garden, browse gardening magazines and spring catalogues or even […]

Fresh Food to Combat a Food Desert 

By Kristin Boza  Rashelle Strate is too nervous to drive on the highway, so she drives from her home in Beverly/Morgan Park through South Side neighborhoods to get to her job as a florist and gardener. […]

Neighborhood Notes

BAPA, 19th Ward Examine Temporary Home Rentals. In response to a shooting incident that occurred the early morning hours of Jan. 1, the 19th Ward Office and BAPA are examining […]