5 Dangers of Drinking and Driving 

By Kathryn M. Cavanaugh, RN, MSN  Manager/Health Promotions  Little Company of Mary Hospital  Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol is not only a serious crime, it’s very […]

Your Health: Living Well With Congestive Heart Failure 

By Kathryn Cavanaugh, MSN, RN  Manager Health Promotions, Little Company of Mary Hospital  The term “heart failure” can be very daunting when your doctor tells you that you have this significant health challenge.  Congestive heart failure […]

Think FAST to Recognize Signs of Stroke

Eileen McNichols MSN, RN Director, Pastoral Care Services and Community Health Little Company of Mary Hospital May is the month that we really believe summer is coming. In healthcare, we […]

Your Health: Think FAST…

By Eileen McNichols, Director, Community Health and Pastoral Care, Little Company of Mary Hospital Finally! The weather is warm and sunny. The flowers are in bloom and the grass needs […]