Get Your Garden and Trees Ready for Spring  

 By Mary Jo Viero  As winter slowly relinquishes its grip, gardeners across the community are eagerly anticipating the arrival of spring.  However, preparing your garden for the upcoming season requires […]

Leave the Leaves

By Kathy Figel In Beverly/Morgan Park we are treated to several weeks of fall color, especially this year. My preference with leaves would be to capture them on a canvas […]

Not Put Your Garden to Bed Yet!  

By Kathy Figel  September.   Are we putting the garden to bed? Nope, not quite yet.  Sometimes in the fall, flowers’ colors are their most radiant. If you continue to “deadhead,” […]

July Gardening

By Kathy Figel  July is here already, and it is soooo hot, right?   That’s what your plants are saying as well. What can we do to keep our veggies from […]

Battling Invasive Plants  

  By Kathy Figel  What really aggravates me as a gardener is an invasive phragmite plant called Giant Reed. This species of grass is native to Illinois and very aggressive at […]

Gardeners Exchange Extravaganza 

  Growing your own food can nourish spirits, minds and bodies. We can garden to make nutritious food affordable and to connect with the earth.   Bring yourself, your extra seeds, […]

A few things you should know about tree care  

By Anne Alt  Many homeowners see landscapers working around trees and may assume what they are doing is correct. Landscapers usually are not well educated in tree care. There are many local examples of two landscaping practices that are bad for tree health: […]