Education Column November 2023 

By Tina Jenkins Bell    Can you believe that in our minds school just started yesterday? In reality, we’re kissing November, tasting Thanksgiving and already preparing for Christmas?   Time has […]

October Occurrences and Updates 

By Tina Jenkins Bell    October is more so known for Sweetest Day (October 21) and Halloween at the end of the month. But truthfully, this month recognizes a myriad […]

Give Tutoring A Try 

By Tina Jenkins Bell    Ask any teacher and they will probably tell you the smartest thing you can do for your child, no matter what their level of performance […]

It Takes a Village to Raise a Great School 

By Tina Jenkins Bell  BAPA School Liaison  November has always been the second to the last month, at least in the Gregorian calendar. But did you know November was only […]

School News May 2022

By Tina Jenkins   BAPA School Liaison  I recently received a few Facebook hits asking me about area schools and was elated to share what I know, because Beverly/Morgan Park hit […]

It’s Time for New Resolutions and Goals 

By Tina Jenkins Bell  BAPA School Liaison  January is the time when we take out pad and pen or open a new document to make resolutions or plot out goals for the […]

School Update 

By Tina Jenkins Bell  BAPA School Liaison  As we prepare for the holiday season and continue contributing positively to our neighborhood’s public health by wearing masks, getting vaccinated, and socially distancing, I have […]