BAPA Donor Spotlight: Bob and Nancy Barrett 

By Brian Marchetti  While BAPA strives to preserve and promote the Beverly/Morgan Park neighborhood, none of its work would be possible without the generous contributions of its donors. Today, we […]

BAPA Donor Spotlight: Tom and Cathi Hogan 

By Kristin Boza  Tom and Cathi Hogan are a couple with a strong passion and appreciation for their community. They choose to support BAPA’s works and have linked themselves with […]

BAPA Donor Spotlight: Kyle and Ashley Gardner 

By Kristin Boza  Kyle and Ashley Gardner donate to BAPA in order to continually reinvest in our community. Kyle likened their commitment to BAPA to the homeowners on their favorite […]

BAPA Donor Spotlight on the Kman Family 

By Kristin Boza   The Kman family, James and Angie and their two children, moved to Beverly/Morgan Park in 2019 and quickly became personally acquainted with BAPA and its initiatives. One […]

BAPA Donor Spotlight: The Malloy Family

By Kristin Boza  BAPA is incredibly lucky to have so many wonderful supporters in our community. The Malloy family — Kevin and Beth with their kids Christian, Patrick, and Molly […]

BAPA Donor Spotlight:   Pat McGrail 

  “BAPA contributes to making Beverly/Morgan Park truly a Village in the City.” BAPA truly appreciates the longtime, generous support of Pat McGrail, former director of the Beverly Art Center, […]