19th Ward Mutual Aid Continues to Assist Neighbors 

By Cathriona Fey 
BAPA Community Outreach & Improvement  

As businesses, parks, and other establishments begin to reopen, the 19th Ward Mutual Aid group remains busy assisting members of our community who have experienced difficult times and financial hardships during these last few months. Continuing to partner with various community groups and organizations, 19th Ward Mutual Aid has built up momentum and support from all corners of Beverly/Morgan Park to provide those in need, and those who want to help, with a place to go.  

Each Wednesday in the Beverly Area Planning Association (BAPA) Community Room, 11109 S. Longwood Dr., you can find Mutual Aid volunteers diligently packing up bags of first aid and hygiene products for patrons of the Free Store. Formed through a partnership with Turpin Cares, BAPA and the 19th Ward Mutual Aid group, the Free Store provides local residents in need with an array of products that have been donated on Wednesdays, 5 to 7 p.m. The Free Store has served over 200 families and distributed over 2,000 items. It will remain open as long as the need remains.) Donations are accepted and can be dropped off at the Free Store during open hours. 

On Tues., June 23, the first BAPA Teen Corps call was held to organize local teens interested in volunteering in the communityBAPA Teen Corps offers youth opportunities to build service hours, take advantage of work readiness and college personal statement writing workshops, and create service or volunteer projects. Teens got to work immediatelyhelping with BAPA’s Weeding Wednesday initiative the morning after their first call. BAPA invites teens to get involved. Want to know more? Join the BAPA Teen Corps Facebook Group or contact Mary Jo Viero, or 773-233-3100. 

Another Mutual Aid partnership which includes the Beverly Area Arts Alliance, Edna White Memorial Garden and Turpin Cares, has installed the community’s first Neighborhood Pantry Box. Located at the Edna White Memorial Garden on the corner of 111th (Monterey) and Esmond Street, the Pantry Box provides 24/7 access to various items to anyone who needs food assistance. Neighbors can donate shelfstable, unopened and not expired, food at any time. The Pantry Box was built and installed by Baird CampbellSal Campbell and Ross Weiler. For more information, contact 

To learn more about the 19th Ward Mutual Aid, follow them on Facebook for news and updates. If you need of assistance or would like to volunteer your services, contact or 773-980-6043.  



BAPA Concert Series Brings Local Music and Neighbors Together 

By Cathriona Fey 
BAPA Outreach and Community Improvement Coordinator 

In June, the Beverly Area Planning Association kicked off the BAPA Friday Night Live Front Porch Concert Series in an effort to support local musicians and bring live music and a greater sense of community to Beverly/Morgan Park neighbors 

Artists took to the stage (or porch) every Friday evening to play to a small crowd gathered with lawn chairs and cold drinks. Each performance was streamed live through BAPA’s Facebook page for all in the neighborhood to enjoy, each event receiving thousands of viewsAs Chicago entered Phase 3 of its reopening plan and residents began making their way back to restaurants, parks, and other leisure activities, BAPA Friday Night Live brought some muchanticipated family-friendly summer fun to the neighborhood.  

For the series, BAPA welcomed a line-up of talented musicians including, Matt, Zach & Tom; Megan Curran Combo; Michele McGuire + Steve McNamee; and Tom Rezetko,, Terry Morrow and Matt RezetkoEach performance brought a different genre of music, energy, and new faces to the porch.  

Neighbors of all ages enjoyed the performances, and gradually as the month went on, word spread and more people began attending these weekly shows. Artists were able to set-up a virtual tip jar or include online donation information for various community organizations so fans could show their support. With live music venues and bars unable to open due to COVID 19 restrictions, front porch concerts have become a way to bring the music to the fans and support musicians during these closures. In a community like Beverly/Morgan Park, there is no shortage of musical talent or fans and the success of the BAPA Friday Night Live Series came as no surprise. 

One of BAPA’s main missions is to bring our community together. Since we are unable to that with our traditional events, streamed concerts are a great way to fill the void. We have so many talented musicians in the community who haven’t been able to work, this concert series is a perfect fit for BAPA,” said Mary Jo Viero, BAPA Executive Director.  

BAPA would like to continue to support local musicians and community efforts to bring entertainment to the neighborhood by extending the BAPA Friday Night Live Front Porch Concert Series throughout the upcoming months, weather permitting. Are you a local musician interested in playing on a porch? Do you have a front porch or gathering space that is just right for a four-piece Jazz ensemble or the velvety sounds of an acoustic set on a summer night? We want to hear from you. Contact BAPA at to schedule a concert on your porch or to perform at one of these events; include Friday Night Live as the subject. BAPA will match musicians with homeowners looking to host.   

Trusted Referrals: BAPA Launches Expanded Trades Listings 

Trusted Referrals: BAPA Launches Expanded Trades Listings 

Check for the BAPA Verified logo 

Long before Google or Angie’s List or the Moms of Beverly, BAPA was connecting neighborhood residents with businesses they can trust to do good work for a good value. What began decades ago as a simple file listing the business information on index cards, the expanded, updated and easier-to-use online BAPA Trades Referral List is being relaunched this month at 

Neighbors can be confident in the information they are accessing online or via phone through BAPA’s staffLook for the new BAPA Verified logo that indicates the company is a BAPA business member and has supplied letters of recommendation from local customers.  

Beverly/Morgan Park residents contact BAPA every day for referrals to businesses they can trust. Now, brining customers and businesses together will be even easier. Businesses interested in signing on to the BAPA referral list can contact BAPA Business Liaison Brittany Wiley,