Stop By the New BAPA!  

The doors are open at the new office of the Beverly Area Planning Association! After more than a decade on the corner of 111th and Longwood Drive, BAPA has moved into temporary offices at 1744 S. 99th St. It’s a great location in the midst of the hopping 99th Street shopping district and literally just steps from the train. We’re already loving our nearby business neighbors and how easy it is for people passing by to stop in and say hello.  

It’s a big change to go from a big building into a cozy storefront – thank goodness everyone on our staff gets along so well! We’ll all be working hard on planning and presenting our 2022 programs and events, and staying on the lookout for a permanent location, preferably in a commercial district.  

Please feel free to stop in and say hi, ask about BAPA’s work, and maybe learn more about supporting us as a member or volunteer. We hope to see you soon! 


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