Sports and Ortho” Sophisticated Diagnosis and Treatment 

By Brittany Wiley 
BAPA Business Liaison 

Sports and Ortho Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, 10909 S. Western, is a woman-owned private practice opened in 2005 by owner Dahlia Fahmy. There are 7 locations across Chicagoland. 

Fahmy is a Fellow of Applied Science, a title only held by three therapists in the world.  She worked with patients in the Beverly/Morgan Park community until 2011 before moving on to open other clinics.  When she left the neighborhood, Fahmy made sure that she left a team of highly trained, elite therapists to carry on the commitment to quality diagnosis and treatment.  “I have always held the Beverly community dear to my heart, Fahmy said. 

Sports and Ortho is known for sports and orthopedic physical therapy, as well as firefighter and police rehabilitation. But they can treat everything.   

When patients arrive, they are analyzed for posture, movement and even way they take a step. This helps in developing a treatment plan that will best benefit clients.   

And now people can be treated at the Beverly/Morgan Park clinic without a referral or prescription (Medicare patients excluded).  Fahmy guarantees that “anyone can walk in and make an appointment and we will get them within 2 to 48 hours. We are here for the community.” 

People get injured or have pain every day and COVID has delayed them from getting help. Now that more patients are starting to feel comfortable coming out, Sports and Ortho wants everyone to know they take all precautions to ensure safety.  The majority of therapists and ancillary staff have vaccinated for COVID. Equipment is sanitized between each use and social distancing is practiced.  There has been no virus transmission at any of their clinics. 

 As business picks back up, the team is excited to launch Sports and Ortho Stretch Works in May. “It’s for anyone who feels restricted in their body or just wants to feel nice and loose to help an injury or prevent one, Fahmy explained. 

Stretch Works clients will be fully evaluated by their licensed physical therapists to ensure no injury will occur during a session.  The evaluations will focus on what a patient’s body actually needs. Stretch Works will be an asset for patients who have been discharged from physical therapy and want to continue their progress beyond insurance stipulations.   

Sports and Ortho Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine and Sports and Ortho Stretch Works provide the community with support through the entire treatment journey.  The staff strives to ensure that clients reach their full potential.  “Our whole philosophy is on return of function and that is what we are here for, Fahmy said. 

Walk in for physical therapy or to try out their new stretch clinic Mon. – Fri.  For more information, visit or call 773-779-7970. 


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