September 2022 Village Viewpoint

By Mary Jo Viero 

BAPA Executive Director 

“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.”  

– Malala Yousafzai 

And just like that, summer is over!   

It’s back to school. Except, this time, we didn’t run down the hill with bags of school supplies, as we had done in previous years. This time, my husband and I packed up all our son’s belongings and drove six hours to move him in at a college far away. Our only son was off to college for the first time.  

There were a thousand emotions hitting all three of us in the days and hours leading up to that trip. So much to think about, to plan for. The anticipation was nerve-wracking and exciting all at once.  As a family, we are starting a new chapter in our lives. It’s very bittersweet.  

I tend to think that each school year is something to be excited about because of all the newness: New challenges and new opportunities; new people to meet; and new experiences. How wonderful is that?   

Our community is so fortunate to have so many school choices that are all excellent.  From pre-school to kindergarten, to elementary school to high school, there is a school for everyone! We can’t wait to celebrate our local schools and the accomplishments that happen at them every day. This year will be better than ever because school are back in person.  

I wish all the students, teachers, administrators, and staff a fantastic year ahead!  Love Where You Learn! 

For all the rest of us not going to school, we need to remember that every day is new with new opportunities, new experiences, new people to meet, and new memories to make. How wonderful is that?   


Mary Jo 






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