School Update 

By Tina Jenkins Bell, BAPA School Liaison 

Teachers, principals, and school families are finding extraordinary ways to keep in touch with their students during school closures and social distancing. Here’s a snippet of what some local schools are doing.  

Morgan Park Academy 

“Pomp and Circumstance” is the graduation march that makes our chests swell with pride as our chins lift and eyes narrow in search of our graduates. Will the opportunity to celebrate graduating students be squashed by the quarantine? Not if Morgan Park Academy has anything to say about it. Graduating seniors are being profiled on Facebook.  

St. John Fisher Elementary School 

St. John Fisher Elementary School recognizes the challenges that come with a quarantined life, but they are encouraging their school families to look at the bright side of things in a new project, entitled Corona Chronicles from Fascinating Falcons 2020. Every Wednesday, the school posts “smell the roses” messages, espousing an appreciation for more family time, new pets, reestablished family dinners, and more time to read from teachers, staff, and students. Be inspired. Visit SJFschoolchicago on Facebook to be inspired.  

Morgan Park High School  

During National Student Leadership Week in April, Morgan Park High School honored four of their National Honor Society Leaders, including Dayna Milner (MP NHS President), Asia Dillon (MP NHS Vice President), Kennedi Strongs (MP NHS Secretary), and Kobi Forbes (MP NHS Sergeant at Arms).  

In mid-April, senior Mustang guard Adam Miller (committed to the University of Illinois Illini) was named Mr. Basketball of Illinois for 2020 by the Chicago Tribune. The last Mustang to earn this honor was Charlie Moore in 2016. Learn more about what’s happening at empehi on Facebook.  

Kellogg Elementary School 

Just in time for Earth Day, Kellogg Elementary School received some good news. The Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation  awarded the school a $10,000 grant to build a pollinator habitat. Neighbor and landscape architect Mike Mazza of MZA Design has been working on the design, which will transform the area between the front walkway and the playground. Hopefully the habitat will start to take shape this spring and be ready to use when families and neighbors can start getting back together.  

Clissold Elementary School educators organized a special parade to encourage their school families and other neighbors. Cars brandishing balloons, streamers, and signs of encouragement and love for students and the community drove by as neighbors and their children cheered for them. 

Christ the King School has been the source for the uplifting, colorful sidewalk messages of love, faith, encouragement, and safety walkers stroll through North Beverly. The inspirational campaign called #chalkthewalk leaves positive “food for walk” for everyone to admire. Amazed…there’s more. CK sixth grader, whose first name is Robyn, decided to answer the call for face masks…but not just any face mask. Robyn researched the way to make effective face masks. After identifying the proper materials, she worked with her mom who taught her how to sew them. As of last week, according to CK Principal Ann Marie Riordan, Robyn has donated over 100 masks to nurses, law enforcement, first responders at Hines Veteran’s Hospital, and more. Take that Coronavirus! 

St. Cajetan School held a Staff Parade to lift the spirits of and encourage their school families. See what else St. Cajetan is doing on their Facebook page.  

St. Barnabas School hosted a “Let There Be Light” event by asking the community to display a candle in their window to show support for healthcare professionals. See their photos on their Facebook page. 

Sutherland Elementary School students, families, and educators collected disinfectant wipes and paper towels to distribute to area Chicago police and firemen. Students and educators are also staying connected through Google Classroom. See all that they are doing on their Facebook page. 

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