School Teams Invited to Compete in Ridge Run  


Now is the time to start training for BAPA’s 43rd Annual Ridge Run on Memorial Day, Mon., May 25, and a great place for kids to start is right at school. 

BAPA’s popular free 5K training program for schools provides a detailed training schedule of group and independent training goals as well as exercises that help the kids build up skills, strength and health. School team members receive a discount on Ridge Run registration fees and the team geta Team Town meeting spot in Ridge Park on the day of the event.   

Teams also engage students in friendly competition to see who can get the most (per capita) students to run under their school’s name.  

Clissold Elementary School earned the first place trophy in the competition’s inaugural year of 2016. The trophy went to Christ the King (CK) School in 2017 and 2018, and to Sutherland School in 2019.  

Who will take the trophy this year? 

The free training program was created by Treadfit owner Jenny Harkins specifically for young athletes prepping for the Ridge Run. Parent and school volunteers oversee the running teams at each school, and do not have to be runners themselves.  All of the exercises outlined in the training program are simple to follow.  

The scalable training program consists of 10 weeks of preparation, and it also includes information on how to cross train, what to eat, and even how to choose a running shoe. Running teams typically meet twice a week, with a third run encouraged on their own over the weekend. Practices begin with a warm-up and move onto a practice run, drills and a cool-down game, and end with a group stretch. 

Ridge Run running team training guides and more information are available from BAPA. Email or call Mary Jo Viero at 773-233-3100.  


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