SSA #44

What is a Special Service Area (“SSA”)?

SSA’s are an additional tax levy that provides funding for services to a designated area above and beyond municipal services. Illinois State statute authorizes SSAs while local ordinances enable SSA formation. A Sponsor Organization coordinates the development of the SSA. A Sole Service Provider, which is typically the sponsor organization, administers the SSA-funded programs once the SSA is established. The SSA program is the only taxing body today in which property owners choose to be assessed and have direct decision-making authority on the use of funds. An SSA is intended to allow a specific group of taxpayers, with a defined program of designated services, to cooperatively plan, provide, benefit from, and pay for those services within their own area.


Each SSA is governed by a local Commission that oversees and recommends the annual services, budget, and Service Provider Agency to the City. All meetings of the SSA Commission are subject to the Illinois Open Meetings Act. To be eligible to serve as a Commissioner of the SSA#44 Commission, an individual must be an owner or lessee of property in the Special Service Area. The Nominating Committee strives to maintain a varied make-up on the Commission of large and small businesses, geographic distribution, residents, etc. to represent a range of interests and viewpoints within the SSA. BAPA is the “Sole Service Provider” for SSA#44, meaning it manages and administers the SSA on behalf of the appointed SSA #44 Commissioners. SSA #44 has served the 103rd Street corridor (Longwood Drive to Wood St) since 2007, and was renewed and expanded in December 2015.

Overview of SSA #44’s Work

The largest portions of the SSA budget address cleanliness, including sidewalk snow removal and landscaping. Other efforts include beautification efforts via sidewalk planters and light pole banners, public art, and community events.



Meeting Minutes

Current Service Provider Agreement

Most Recent Annual Audit

Request for Proposals Issued

  • Spring / Summer sidewalk maintenance
  • Summer – flowerpots

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SSA #44 Commissioners

Margie O’Connell, Beverly Bank and Trust

Pat Roberto, Calabria Imports


Contact Us

1744 W. 99th St
Chicago, Illinois 60643
ph: 773-233-3100