Local Schools

Opportunities to volunteer in classrooms, serve in decision making/leadership roles, and serve in fundraising capacities abound at our local schools.  Parent involvement in children’s schools via participating in parent-teacher conferences, attending school events, Local School Council (LSC) meetings and Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings definitely has a positive effect on children’s school performance.

Parents in Beverly/Morgan Park also know that they play an important role in preparing their children to meet teachers’ demands.   Parents who provide home environments that are supportive of classroom instruction, encourage their children’s learning at school, and communicate regularly with teachers about what happens with their child will help their child to succeed.  Parents who are engaged in their children’s learning at home and at school are the greatest predictor for student success.

Beverly Hills/Morgan Park is home to high performing public and private schools, and it boasts some of the most dedicated faculty, teachers and parents in the entire Chicago Public School system.