There are five Catholic parishes and many denominations of Protestant churches in Beverly Hills/Morgan Park. Most of these churches network to provide charitable services and focused ministries through the Beverly Hills/Morgan Park Community of Churches. Ecumenical ministries include the Maple/Morgan Park Community Food Pantry, New Neighbors transitional housing program and A New Direction services for victims of domestic  violence.  Several churches also support the Catholic Youth Ministry Center at Morgan Park High School , a student drop-in center.

Apostolic Assembly of Our Lord Jesus Christ, 10708 S. Vincennes Ave., 773-445-9859

Bethany Union Church, 1750 W. 103rd St., 773-779-0123

Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church, 9401 S. Oakley Ave., 773-445-7558

Beverly Evangelical Covenant, 10545 S. Claremont Ave., 773-445-4319

Beverly Unitarian Church, 10244 S. Longwood Dr., 773-233-7080

Chicago Friends, 10749 S. Artesian Ave., 773-445-8949

Christ the King Church, 9235 S. Hamilton Ave., 773-238-4877

Church of the Holy Nativity, 9300 S. Pleasant Ave., 773-445-4427

Imago Dei- Beverly Morgan Park, 10511 S. Oakley (south end of building), 773-609-3135

Morgan Park Church of God, 11153 S. Hoyne Ave.

Morgan Park United Methodist Church, 11030 S. Longwood Dr., 773-238-2600

Morgan Park Baptist Church, 11024 S. Bell Ave., 773-445-9443

Morgan Park Christian Church, 10929 S. Prospect Ave.

Morgan Park Presbyterian Church,  11056 S. Longwood Dr., 773-779-3355

Prayer Tabernacle COGIC, 9535 S. Prospect Ave., 773-881-9389

St. Barnabas Church, 10134 S. Longwood Dr., 773-779-1166

St. Cajetan Church, 11234 S. Artesian Ave., 773-238-4100

St. John Fisher Church, 10234 S. Washtenaw Ave., 773-445-6565

St. John the Divine Lutheran, 10511 S. Oakley Ave., 773-238-2320

St. Paul’s Bible Church, 1960 W. 94th St., 773-238-4368

St. Walter Church, 11722 S. Oakley Ave., 773-779-1515

Trinity United Methodist Church, 9848 S. Winchester Ave., 773-445-5300