Report Street Light Outages and Potholes to 311

On these winter days when it gets dark so early, it’s important that the city lights along our streets and in our alleys are all shining. When you notice that a street light or alley light is burned out, report it to 311 City Services.

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) needs your help to identify and report non-emergency problems such as light outages and potholes in the 19th Ward. Only potholes and street lights that are reported to the City can be repaired.

Report non-emergencies to 311 online at, by calling 3-1-1, or by using the free 311 mobile app for smart phones. The app enables people to report light outages, potholes, graffiti and other non-emergencies to 311 without making a phone call. The app also allows you to track issues as they are addressed. Search Chicago Works 311 in your app store to download.

To ensure proper repairs are made, whenever you contact 311, give the complete street address; do not identify the location by cross streets. When reporting outages, identify whether it’s a street or alley light, and whether it is a single light or lights on the entire block. You can also call 311 to request a senior well-being check.


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