Registration Open Now for Area Schools 

By Tina Jenkins Bell 

The Beverly/Morgan Park area has numerous high performing public, Catholic and private schools.  Though the options vary, residency, alone, won’t qualify admittance. Attendance requires registration, particularly for kindergarteners and new or transferring students. This year, due to the complexities of COVID-19, some schools are requiring returning students to register.  

The bottom line is, if you are the parents of school aged children, check the school’s website for fall admission requirements today. Registration for many schools has been open for a few months.  Parents considering a Chicago Public neighborhood school should visit for school locator as well as residency requirements.  

For high school students, there are a few extra steps, depending on whether the school is public, private or Catholic, which could include completing applications, testing and waiting on an acceptance letters prior to registration.  

Once parents have figured out the school and the admission and registration policies, they should compile the documents for proof of age (birth certificate, baptismal record, passport, court documents, or medical records), proof of current address (utility bills, driver’s license or State of Illinois identification, deed, employer identification number, Illinois Department of Public Aid card, etc.), and health care documents (physical exams and immunization charts and dental records). If parents do not have the necessary health records during registration, they must submit these forms prior to Oct. 15 or their child will face expulsion.  

Catholic and private schools may require additional or different documentation. For example, some Catholic schools might require students to be existing and former parishioners. Again, the most proactive action is to check the school website.   

The following is a list of area schools. 

Chicago Public Schools 

Barnard Elementary School  

10354 S. Charles St., 773-535-2625 

Preschool: Ages 3-4 

Pre-Kindergarten – 8th 

Barbara Vick Early Childhood & Family Center 

2554 W. 113th St., 773-535-2671 

Preschool: Ages 3-5 

Clissold Elementary School 

2350 W. 110th Pl., 773-535-2560 

Kindergarten – 8th 

Esmond Elementary School  

1865 W. Montvale Ave., 773-535-2650 

Prekindergarten  8th 

Kellogg Elementary School  

9241 S. Leavitt, 773-535-2590 

Kindergarten – 8th 

Sutherland Elementary School 

10015 S. Leavitt, 773-535-2580 

Kindergarten – 8th 

Vanderpoel Humanities Academy 

9510 S. Prospect, 773-535-2690 

Kindergarten – 8th 

Morgan Park High School 

1744 W. Pryor Avenue, 773-535-2550 

7th – 12th 

All new and continuing students are required to register for the 2020-21 school year. 


Catholic Schools 

Christ the King School 

9240 S. Hoyne Ave., 773-779-3329 

Preschool – 8th 

St. Barnabas School  

10121 S. Longwood Dr., 773-445-7711 

Preschool – 8th 

St. Cajetan School 

2447 W. 112th St., 773-233-8844 

Preschool- 8th 

St. John Fisher School  

102 S. Washtenaw Ave., 773-445-4737 

Preschool – 8th 

St. Walter School 

11741 S. Western Ave., 773-445-8850 

Preschool – 8th 


Private Schools 

All Day Montessori 

1819 W. 99th St., 773-239-8248 

Preschool: Ages 2 – 6 


Beverly Castle Academy for Early Education 

10244 S. Longwood Dr., 773-239-2299 

Preschool: Ages 3 – 6 

Beverly Montessori School 

9916 S. Walden Pkwy., 773-239-7635 

Preschool – Kindergarten: Ages 3-6 


Morgan Park Academy 

2153 W. 111th St., 773-881-6700 


New students must apply prior to registration 


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