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The world is busier than ever making it a challenge to take care of our families, jobs, and general responsibilities, let alone finding time to nurture important friendships or reach out to a family member in need. Take Care, Friend, a new business founded by therapist Kathleen McShane and her longtime friend Allie Bowles, is offering the solution you’re looking for.   

Take Care, Friend offers therapist-curated boxes of gifts, messages, and self-care items that “take the guesswork out of what to send and how to help” for occasions that range from just catching up with a friend to expressing concern for someone experiencing an illness or loss.   

The business is women-owned and committed to supporting small businesses. Guided by the motto “friends taking care of friends,” their boxes are thoughtfully created, using items that are restorative and personal, such as candles, bath salts, journals and small gifts.  

“We want the recipient of each box to feel both comforted and seen in whatever experience they are going through,” said McShane. They are intentional to include items that are useful in the situation. 

Although there are other for self-care boxes or subscription boxes on the market, McShane and Bowles feel that their “therapist-curated” approach really differentiates Take Care, Friend by making sure the carefully selected items in each box are meaningful and helpful.   

The concept for Take Care, Friend came to McShane when, in the years following a deep loss, a friend sent a thoughtful package on the anniversary of that loss. As a therapist and from her own life’s journey, McShane knows that the small things people do can help see you through a hard time, and that often it’s after the incident when a loss is felt most acutely.  

Take Care, Friend boxes can be set up on subscriptions, to be delivered periodically to check in with a loved one, give a boost to a caregiver, or remember the anniversary of the loss of a loved one.  

“It has been rewarding and heartwarming for us to see the feedback from both the giver and the receiver of the boxes,” McShane said. “The receivers of the boxes have felt very supported and cared for. The givers of the boxes have expressed wanting to do something to support their loved one, but feeling at a loss of what to do or send, and that is exactly where we come in. We have gotten some really lovely thank you notes and we save them all.” 

Not only are McShane and Bowles intentional in sourcing products from small businesses, especially woman-owned, they are also committed to giving back. A portion of the proceeds from every box is donated to a not-for-profit organization with a mission aligned with the Take Care, Friend value of caring. Christmas Without Cancer was the most recent recipient. “We’re thrilled to support their work with local families,” McShane said.    

Thank You, Friend boxes range in price from $65 to $95, and any box is customizable. Shipping is free in the continental U.S. 

Kathleen McShane is a practicing therapist and has worked in the mental health field for 26 years. She owns a group private practice with offices in Mt Greenwood, Frankfort, LaGrange and Boulder, Colo. 

Allie Bowles brings business acumen and marketing experience – as well as the value of a longtime friendship with McShane – to her role in Take Care, Friend. She takes an active role in all aspects of this new business. 

Learn more at or Follow Take Care, Friend on Facebook and Instagram.  


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