Put Your Passion into Action

By Mary Jo Viero, BAPA Community Organizer

Everyone is passionate about something.  For me it’s trees. I love trees. I take pictures of them all the time. I go out of my way to walk past certain trees in the neighborhood. My favorite tree is a gingko that I planted in my back yard so I can see it when I am doing dishes. Trees are my passion, and I use my passion to try to make our neighborhood a better place. Over the course of the last two years, I helped to facilitate the planting of more than 50 trees in four different areas of the neighborhood.

Some people are passionate about schools and other neighbors are passionate about safety. Many people I know are passionate about the local businesses and our parks. Neighborhood beautification is important to countless people I talk to.  Perhaps you like planning social events or volunteering.  All of these passions can be put into action to improve our community.

How? You can start by talking to your neighbors — maybe they are passionate about the same things you are.  Many areas of the neighborhood have civic or homeowner associations, and other areas need them. If you call me at BAPA (773-233-3100), I can put you in touch with the people in your group. BAPA is passionate too! We have programs that address safety, schools, beautification, economic development, home preservation and parks.

Working with neighbors who share your passion is rewarding on many levels. We can help you put your passion into action!


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