BAPA Porch Concerts Are Back

BAPA is bringing music, food, and community to every corner of Beverly/Morgan Park in 2023.
Beverly Hills/Morgan Park is home to many talented musicians and even more people who appreciate good music. The BAPA Porch Concert Series brings a variety of engaging performers to front porches throughout our community. Enjoy a live outdoor concert in the neighborhood the second Friday of the month, 6:30–8:30 p.m., all summer long. These concerts are free and open to the public.

Win a Porch Concert Party for Your Block! Here’s How

BAPA’s popular Porch Concert Series is returning for another fantastic season! This year, we are dividing Beverly/Morgan Park into four areas and will be offering a free porch concert to on block in each section. You can win by having the most BAPA members or donors on your block.

The Porch Concert Party includes the essentials for a fantastic block party! You’ll get a live performance that’s absolutely free (though the band appreciates tips!). BAPA will provide food and drinks for purchase. All you need to bring is a chair!

How the Challenge Works

  1. Check the map for contest zones and deadlines. Each area has until two weeks before their concert date to get as many neighbors as possible to join BAPA.
  2. Neighbors are encouraged to spread the word about the contest and invite all the families on their block to join BAPA. Our new monthly membership offers an easy and budget-friendly way to join!
  3. BAPA will announce the winner two weeks before the concert date.

Why a Contest?

Our popular outdoor concert series is in high demand from porch owners who want to host, but BAPA can only open the opportunity to four blocks. Each concert costs more than $1,000 to put on. Membership donations are a big help in covering those costs.

“The work we do keeping the neighborhood thriving, beautiful, safe, and strong benefits 100% of the people and businesses located here, yet only about 5% of the approximately 15,000 neighborhood households support BAPA financially,” says Executive Director Mary Jo Viero. “BAPA works hard to achieve what we do on a limited budget. With the support of our community, we can do even more.”

Contest Deadlines

  1. May 26 is the deadline for Morgan Park (purple zone on map) and the June 9 Porch Concert with Return2Soul. The contest boundaries are 111th to 115th Streets, California to Vincennes Avenue; and 115th to 119th Streets, Rockwell to Vincennes. 
  2. June 30 is the deadline for North Central Beverly (blue zone on map) to earn the July 14 porch concert with Back Country Boys Contest. Boundaries are 95th to 99th Streets, Western to Beverly Avenue; and 99th to 103rd Streets, California to Beverly. 
  3. July 28 is the deadline for South Central Beverly (green zone on map) and the Aug. 11 Porch Concert with Grit & The Double Knit. Boundaries are 103rd to 111th Streets, California to Vincennes Avenue.
  4. Aug. 25 for North Beverly (orange zone on map) and the Sept. 8 Porch Concert with Old Style Neon. Boundaries are 87th to 95th Streets, Western to Beverly Avenue.

Summer 2023 Lineup

May 19

Ridge Historical Society

10621 S. Seeley Ave.

Beverly Country Club

June 9

Morgan Park

Block TBD


July 14

North Central Beverly

Block TBD

Back Country Boys

August 11

Grit & The Double Knit

South Central Beverly

Block TBD

September 8

Old Style Neon

North Beverly

Block TBD